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Saint Andrew's Campus lake photo featuring science building and boys dorm


The Saint Andrew’s 夏天的研究 program is an extension of the academic year for our 学生s, as well as 学生s from outside of the school. There are offerings for 学生s entering grades 8 - 12. For 学生s new to Saint Andrew’s School, 夏天的研究 provides a wonderful opportunity to ease into our academic program as they get to know some of their teachers and classmates.


Candid photo of 学生 smiling at classmate
High School 学生s with 较低的学校 学生

Options Grades 8 - 12

Full-year courses are condensed to six weeks with classes meeting for four hours each day. Semester classes are condensed to a three-week period and will also meet for four hours daily. Half semester and noncredit offerings will meet over a two-week period for three hours daily. 学生 need to be prepared for the rigorous pace and workload associated with a summer course.

夏天的研究 Course Guide 2024


Session Dates for 2024

父母: please watch this 视频演示 BEFORE you register to avoid the common error of registering the 家长 for classes instead of the 学生.


登记 for 夏天的研究 at Saint Andrew's opens April 24 - May 24

夏天的研究 registration is completed via a separate online portal. 登记 opens each spring. We are only able to offer a specific amount of course sections; therefore, course enrollment is limited. Classes may be subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. If a class is canceled by the school, all payments will be refunded in full.


登记 for Global Online Academy opens February 15 - June 1

With nearly 30 different electives, GOA summer offerings significantly expands the academic opportunities available to our 学生s - and in a wide variety of areas, such as computer science, international relations, 心理学, 金融, 体系结构, 和更多的. Like all classes at GOA, these summer electives are mastery-based in terms of demonstrating competencies in specific learning objectives and can be built out as part of personalized pathways, both through GOA and with the extensive array of offerings already available at Saint Andrew’s.


登记 for Dale Carnegie opens February 15 - June 1

The following opportunity is offered by a partner of Saint Andrew's School and builds on qualities that build confidence and leadership skills. It also looks GREAT on a college or job application! 登记 and payment is done directly with Dale Carnegie.

* Participation fulfills the Public Speaking graduation requirement.